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Ally Marie Release title: Ally Marie

 Cat #: ARRS00018

 EAN/UPC: 5052653318839

 Genre: Progressive Trance

 Artist: Moriens

 Release Date: Aug 01, 2012

Track list:

01. Ally Marie (Original Mix) [ISRC: GB-9E8-12-00019]

The Second release for Moriens under Arkamoria Records – ‘Ally Marie’ takes the listener through several stages, from nostalgic to pumping. A sure hit to those who have enjoyed the progressive synths, paying attention to rhythm and still delivering plenty of thrashy saws.

Support: Gary Cannavo, David Seymour, Eddie Sender, DJ Mark Anthony, Dj Neonglass…

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Tranquility Release title: Tranquility

 Cat #: ARRS00017

 EAN/UPC: 5052653308021

 Genre: Progressive/Dub Trance

 Artist: Digital Citi_Zen

 Release Date: Jul 25, 2012

Track list:

01. Tranquility (Original Mix) [ISRC: GB-9E8-12-00018]

Arkamoria Records is proud to bring you our first release from the talented artist Digital_Citi_Zen, a track called ‘Tranquility’. The track kicks off with a ‘pumpin thumpin’ bass line that sets the pace for an acoustic roller coaster ride of a driving beat and tranquil breakdowns. This track is full of motion, with the swelling risers, banging percussion, and the melodic plucks. Everything just comes together in a professional manor making this a very enjoyable track to listen to repeatedly. When it’s all said and done, the track ends with a burst of speed ending this ride with thrills for everyone.

Support: Gary Cannavo, Suzy Solar, Alexsed, Michael C, Robert Vadney, Ulrich Van Bell, Sir Charles, Gervay Brio, DJ Xecute, Mind24…

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Lotus Release title: Lotos

 Cat #: ARRS00016

 EAN/UPC: 5052653295482

 Genre: Progressive Trance

 Artist: Sandi Morreno

 Release Date: Jul 18, 2012

Track list:

01. Lotos (Original Mix) [ISRC: GB-9E8-12-00017]

‘Lotos’ is Sandi’s second release with Arkamoria Records. This producer brings us another gem with massive synths and rhythms that would surely be a hit on the dance floor.

‘Lotos’ has a great mix of bass lines and melodies which is a recipe for another great Trance track! The tranquil break down has a serene feeling, slowly building up to an audio explosion of ecstasy!

This track will definitely be a winning ticket for those that have a love for all that is Trance!

Support: Mario van Souness, DJ Mark Anthony, Sir Charles, MONSIEUR CORTEZ, Gervay Brio, MISS BROWN, Mind24, Gary Cannavo, EL-Jay, Alexsed, Eddie Sender…

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Bodygrooverz – ‘Freedom’

Freedom Release title: Freedom

 Cat #: ARRS00015

 EAN/UPC: 5052653291897

 Genre: Progressive House

 Artist: Bodygrooverz

 Release Date: Jul 04, 2012

Track list:

01. Freedom (Original Mix) [ISRC: GB-9E8-12-00016]

Arkamoria Records is proud to present to you ‘Freedom’ by the duet Joost and Edwin from the Netherlands, better known as Bodygrooverz.

The track kicks of with a pounding aggressive kick drum, causing your feet to tap along to the rhythm. The stabbing plucks which consist of many layered sounds free yourself from your seat and get you up and dancing. Bodygrooverz make excellent use of effects in ‘Freedom’ giving it plenty of life. This composition definitely embodies the meaning of Freedom. We hope to hear more from this epic duet in the near future.

Support: Ethan Wood, DJ Mark Anthony, Sir Charles, MONSIEUR CORTEZ, DJ Neonglass, OMKE, DJ KES, Gervay Brio, DJ Benjaminb, DJ Cybersimo, Mind24, Michael C, Gary Cannavo, DJ Carl Meah…

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New release: Synthaurion - Past Of Eternity

'Past Of Eternity' is another great release from Synthaurion. Right from the beginning the kicks grab your attention, leading to a catchy arpeggio with subtle hits in the background. The breakdown’s spacey lead takes you to a tranquil place, but don’t be fooled, the beat still keeps things moving. This track brings a nostalgic electronic music feel to Trance, the leads bring back memories of Tangerine Dream, one of the early great electronic music bands. ‘Past Of Eternity’ has a surreal spiritual feel, with a groove that moves your soul and body. This is one of Synthaurion’s better pieces to date. Lucas Moor’s remix of ‘Past Of Eternity’ has a more progressive approach. While still retaining the spiritual feel of the track, Lucas gives it a bit more of an aggressive edge. Both versions of this track will definitely keep you entertained for an eternity.

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Arkamoria Records is a small Independent Label founded in 2012, focused on all kinds of melodic and dance electronic music: Trance, House, Chill-Out, and Classic Electronica. Our mission is to give up and coming talent a chance to be heard, and bring the public quality fresh Electronic Music. We co-operate with new promising producers from all over the world. We are currently concentrating on distributing our music in digital format to most electronic and dance stores on the net.

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